Friday, September 23, 2011

A Very Busy Day

A Very Busy Day by temporallobe at Garmin Connect - Details

  • Weather: Today was about 20 Celsius (68 f) sunny and some wind 
  • Distance for today: 26.84 km (16.68 mi)
  • Total Distance to Date: 5355.77 kl (3338.18miles)
  • Song of the Day: All the people I was with. It was awesome to run with people today

I don't know how to describe today. "Wow" comes to mind. "Overwhelming" would work. "Exciting, energetic, informative, fun, informational......" Pic the word, they would all work. 

A picture is worth a thousand words. Well check this out. 

City News Morning Show Winnipeg 6:40 am

Getting ready for the interview.

Hey I'm on TV!! 

Me during the interview. 

We leave the interview and we were met by Pat Prevost who showed up really to come for a run with me. She had been up so early in the morning and I was so excited to run with her. 

We drove to yesterday's run stop and met up with Diane Gregoire who is a physiotherapist and works with people who have had brain injuries. 

Pat (Purple) and Diane (Green) Me (Blue) 

The girls ran with me for about 10kl. We had an absolute blast. It meant so much to me that they came out and ran with me. Two amazing women. Thank you both. 

After running with the girls I was then off to Elmwood high school to be there at noon. We were cutting the time pretty close but Melissa got us there. 

I was not expecting this however. 

The Great Elmwood High School (Go Giants) 


They were just fantastic. 

After the School. We had an interview with CTV. 

Then I was back to running the last 18 km or so. 

Doug took it easy on me and kept it slow. 

Then we drove back to drop off Doug. Then back to the RV to move it a little closer for tomorrow. I showered and headed to Boston Pizza to eat and upload today's stuff. Melissa is off to Costco and some other meetings. I am now going to go home and pass out. I have a marathon to run tomorrow. 

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  1. Okay, I am curious. What was printed on the oranges in the bowl at the interview? The name of the station? Were those oranges or something else?

    Good to hear how good things are going. I have been quiet but I read your posts daily and am cheering you on!

    ~ Em