Thursday, September 15, 2011

Running into a Hiker

Running into a Hiker by temporallobe at Garmin Connect - Details

  • Weather: Started off at 2 (35.6 F)and got up to 12 (53.6 F) No wind issues today. Good day for a run. 
  • Distance for today: 41.52 km (25.79 mi)
  • Total Distance to Date: 5047.74kl (3144.61 miles)
  • Song of the Day: My good friends Ricky Gervias, Steve Merchant and Carl Pilkington From the XFM Vault "The Best of the Ricky Gervais Show"

Yesterday I was not feeling 100%. I went to bed pretty early (OK I watched some movies online but I was in bed) This morning was really hard to get up. Even though we slept in a little longer than usual. I needed another hour of sleep. 

So the run actually started a little later than normal. However that extra hour of sleep made the biggest difference. While I am not 100% I am feeling way better. I was faster than normal on the first 2 hour stretch. Took a relatively short lunch break and was off again. 

The weather was cold but I was not fighting the wind today. 

My new BFF

The best part of the day was as I am running down a highway I can see a guy lying on top of a big rock on the side of the highway. It's kind off odd and I am curios I have met some fantastic people like this along the way and my interest was perked up.
Dana Meise

Dana is hiking the Trans Canada Trail his blog he had heard about me and actually saw the RV the other day. He new I would pass him so he decided to have a nap on a big rock on the side of the highway. 

He is from my home Province of in Prince George, British Columbia. His dad had a brain injury and he is just trucking on in his trek to hike, camp and walk all across Canada. 

I was so blown away and had a million questions. Where does he sleep? What kind of animals have you seen? What do you do for food? We could have talked for hours. 

While my RuntoRemember won't take me through Prince George. Dana puts on a 24 hour walk every year to raise awareness for brain injury. He has invited me up and I just might make it. 

I continued on with my run and got home and I checked out his website. Still kind of blown away by the huge effort he is putting on. Check out the photo's on his website. Amazing. 

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  1. Thank you for introducing us to Dana Meise.

    Jane in NS