Thursday, September 29, 2011

Alexander, Griswold, Oak Lake and through Sifton

Alexander, Griswold, Oak Lake and through Sifton by temporallobe at Garmin Connect - Details

  • Weather: High of 25 F (77) Windy.
  • Distance for today: 35.14 km (21.83 mi)
  • Total Distance to Date: 5595.14 kl (3486.86 miles)

Today's run was dedicated to Nadja 

I just want to start of the blog with a Happy Birthday wish to Nadja. She is a very close personal friend and is currently at home for her birthday. Eating a great dinner made by her mom, and desert made by my wife. So today's run through the farms was with Nadja in mind, who works in Forestry Conservation and as a seasonal farmer. So as I passed the great huge farms of the Manitoba I was thinking of how much Nadja would love it. 

That's me way down there. 

Farm Vehicle. 
As the day went along I started to get very tight right behind my left knee. I stopped and did some stretches. I did some rolling on a ball to loosen the muscles and then headed out. It went away for a short bit but came back. So my run was a little slower than normal. 

We hit about 35kl and it we had to cut the run short as I had an appointment for some foot care by We Care Branch Manager Lynn Robertson. Lynn was amazing. Not only did we hit it off and chatted up a storm. She was also so very caring. She took care of some of the issues that have developed from running so much every day. She was just a great person to be around. 

So a very special thank you Lynn. By far the best part of the day!! I will transfer today's foot care to long term memory. ;') 

We Care Home Health Services is filled with some very special people. They go to you when you can't get to a health care worker. Each single person I have met has been a very special individual. Very caring, concerned and professional. A huge thanks goes out to them for helping my feet be able to keep doing what I am doing. It has been a true gift. 

The rest of the pictures below are just to embarrass Nadja. Who is sitting at home right now looking at this on the blog having just eating dinner with family and friends and can't believe I put a picture of her up. To that I just say "where is my peace of cake Nadja? Where?" 

Nadja and Marcel on our trip to Germany

Schnappi and friends

Happy Birthday Nadja and hello to Mandy, Hans, Nicole, Marcel, Nadja, and pet's. Have a great meal and save me some for when I get home. 

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  1. In answer to your question, "where is my peace of cake Nadja? Where?"
    She could say, "Oh I put it in the mail. Didn't you get it?"

    Just checking in, David. It's great to see that things are still going well.

    Take care,
    Jane in NS