Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Through Richer and Ste Anne to Tache

Through Richer and Ste Anne to Tache by temporallobe at Garmin Connect - Details

  • Weather: Today was about 12 Celsius (53.6 f) wind lot's of wind.
  • Distance for today: 41.73 km (25.92 mi)
I like this sign

The run was nice today. I got out of the border between Ontario and Manitoba and started to get a feel for actual Manitoba. Flat says it all. In all directions. It's funny because of my years running I can always get a feel for my time and distance by my site of the obstacles in the way. However in Manitoba it's so hard to judge your time and distance because it's all just flat.

That being said it's quite beautiful. You just feel so open, so unobstructed, I don't have the vocabulary to explain it. but with the natural curve of the earth in almost all direction and nothing getting in the way of your vision. It's quite amazing.

I did hit some winds today. For the most part they were hitting me in the right side, but when I did turn the one corner today. I was now head on into it. There were some wind and weather warnings but still it was not as bad as I have had in the past.

The side of the road got a little nicer as well. For the most part of the beginning I was on rocks or the road. However it did start to have a bit of a pavement.

Straight and flat. This is the rocky shoulder here but turned to concrete.

That was my run for the most of the day. Congrats to the Jet's for winning there game after 15 years of not being in Winnipeg. The energy was all across the province. 

Here are some pics I tried to upload the other day for yesterday and the day before (20 and the 19th) 

Very wet as I run with my plastic bag jacket thing

I did not find the West Braintree. 

It's been a great couple of days. I am kind of in shock by how each province has it's own feel to it. I am also so happy to be Canadian and see all the people that stop to donate, honk to show support or leave comments on the blog and website. 

There are days when I just feel like I am all alone. I mean I know Melissa is there and I know my wife is around. Maybe it's just me. This run means so much to me. Not the run itself but the conversations I want to start. I want the awareness to get out there. Brain Injury costs so much public money, it costs so much social loss, it changes not only the person that has the Brain Injury it changes every single aspect of there life and those around them. If something as simple as putting on a helmet can reduce 90% of these in the group that has the most chance to get an injury.........why wouldn't you. 

You know I listen to the news. I hear all the same story's every one else does. I am not naive enough to think this is the only problem in the world, or even the worst. However this is a problem that we can actual take a few simple steps and see a drastic change. We can do this. We don't need legislation, we don't need any approval or funding. We just need to learn how to take smart risks. We all put on seat-belts. Why would you not put on a helmet? 

In the news there is a story about a satellite falling to space. People are a little concerned about this. Yet statistically your more likely to walk your head severely (every 3 minutes in north america) than you are. Yet this satellite makes the news, get's people talking. More people will have a brain injury today than can fit into a huge plane. Yet if a plane goes down, thousands of dollars, hundreds of man hours go into finding out what happened. People have a fear of flying. Yet they are more likely to hit there head. Not just by a little bit. The stats are amazing. 

We watch what we eat, we don't smoke because the number don't lie. Yet we don't put on helmets or take the appropriate steps to protect our heads. It's amazing. That's what I want to change. I don't wish anyone get's into a plane and it crashes, I don't wish anyone get cancer from smoking. However if we can reach the masses to start those changes, than we can do the same with head injury. 

OK, Time to walk back to the RV and stretch and sleep. 


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