Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Run Through Thunder Bay

A Run Through Thunder Bay by temporallobe at Garmin Connect - Details

  • Weather: High of 20 Celsius (68 Fahrenheit) The day started at 1 Celsius (37.4 Fahrenheit) and warmed up. 
  • Distance for today: 43.78kl (27.20 miles)
  • Total Distance to Date: 4703.82 kl (2930.93 miles)
  • Song of the Day: No music I was chatting with Jackie and Rob

Wow what a day. It started off with driving to run start. Where I was met by Jackie. She is a fellow TBI survivor and wow what a survivor. She was a runner before her injury and continued to run afterwords. 

Jackie the super runner. 
Jackie was allot of fun to run with. We had a great chat and she run my butt off. We stopped running at about 14kl I think (I can't remember) as we had run to City Hall to meat the Mayor of Thunder Bay Keith Hobbs.

Jackie, Rob, Mayor Hobbs and myself. I am chatting everyone up as usual

We lost Rob!!

There's Rob
 After the Meet'n Great with the Mayor we went out for lunch with Rob and Jackie. While Rob and Jackie drove to get Rob into some running gear. Melissa and I went back to run stop and started running again. Well I ran, Melissa kept me save with the blinky lights and the car.

Rob running with me. 
Jackie and Rob met up with us again and Jackie joined Melissa in the CRV while Rob joined me for a run. He then decided to put me on a faster pace than his wife. I thought Jackie was fast. Between the two of them, I got my run on today. ;') 

They are two of the warmest most interesting people. It was truly a run to remember today. Jackie is going to join me again tomorrow for a section of my run. Then we are invited to there home for dinner. 

As I am typing this in Starbucks. I met Geoffrey who asked me why I had an such a large external drive. This started me talking me about the pictures and the blog. The conversation then turned into him sharing with me the two members in his family that have had brain injury's in his life time. This just reinforces to me the importance of this run. 

Ok it's late and I need to sleep..

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