Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shorter run at 34.45

Shorter run at 34.45 by temporallobe at Garmin Connect - Details

· Weather today: 29 Celsius (felt like 32) 84.2 Fahrenheit (felt like 89.6)
· Today’s run distance: 34.45 km (21 miles)
· Run distance to day: 3438.11km (2140.5 miles)
· Song of the Day: The Voice of Doug Rankmore. 

Today was one of those hard days. Mandy has been sick and I think I am getting a bit of her cold. So I was feeling heavy, sore, achy and my lungs were thick. It was just a real mental struggle. Physically I was doing ok in the "my feet don't hurt too bad" way, it was just the 2nd day in a row with a bad headache that wouldn't go away. It was also really hot again today. 

At one point I rolled over on my ankle. The highway here has sections that are not paved. So my choice is between a very narrow edge of road on the side of the road and take up traffic on the highway, or run on uneven loose rocks with no stable footing. So I switch between running on stability and closer to vehicles, or I run slower on uneven rock or gravel but feel more secure being farther from the cars. 

I was while jostling between these two options that I rolled on my right ankle. It was not a bad role, but it put me out of commission for a few minutes. As I sat there trying to think the best option to take: 1) stop and rest, ice and elevate, 2) keep going as the swelling will occur when I take my shoe off, 3) just push on until I reach an ok distance that I feel I can stop. 

This is when Doug showed up to run with me. He was one of the instrumental people in getting this run going in the beginning. While no longer with Braintrust Canada he is still very much a part of this event. So it was great to see him. We ran for a few kl and then I continued on my own. 

I think I put in about another 4 or 5 kilometres and I started getting really dizzy and almost cold. This is when I stopped. I don't need to add a heatstroke to my already injured head!! 

We went out for a great dinner on the river after that and just got home at 8:17pm to upload the gamin data, post my blog, stretch and pass out. Oh and ice and elevate my ankle. 


  1. David, those headaches that won't go away are very probably dehydration headaches. I have thought that before when I read some past posts where you have mentioned having a headache but finally today I am able to respond immediately when it can help.

    All evening you need to really work on rehydration and then in the morning try to drink a liter or more of fluid before you start to run too - like try drinking it almost as soon as you get up and then another big amount right before you start running. With the heat you are running through and all the reflective heat from the road it is tough (read: impossible) for you to adequately hydrate during a run. You have to do triple duty when you are not running.

    Yes, this will mean more detours off to the woods because the water will run through you. Think of it this way: You are giving all your hard working cells in your body a loving rinse to thank them for allowing you to do this amazing journey.

    All the best to you!!

  2. Thanks so much Em, I do drink allot of water but I will try to add some more. I drink lot's in the morning but I will add some more.

    Thanks again for the great idea. I will update you on the results.