Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Run through Sudbury City Centre and Out

Today's Run

·        Weather: High of 20 Celsius (68 Fahrenheit) Cloudy and a nice little rain storm that I just missed
·        Distance for today: 38.08 kl (23.66 miles)
·        Total Distance to Date: 3660.17km (2309.1 miles)
·        Song of the Day: Some more CBC Radio One (I have become addicted to it)

Today started off really good. I was in a good mood, I had my oatmeal, my Vega Protein Drink and a cup of coffee. Mandy and Melissa and I all drove to run start and I was off. I was a little faster in my Spira shoes, they are really quite amazing. I travel faster on them with less impact. However they lack stability and I tend to get really sore ankles when I wear them. So at about the 32 kl mark I traded for my well worn Brooks Dyad’s. The Brooks are my good old stand-by, get across the finish line shoes.

We had a good start and a couple of slightly shorter breaks and were hitting the 38 kl mark at about 3:00 hours. Melissa informed me we had a meeting at the Sudbury Science Center so it was time to get back to the RV let me shower (I smell bad they keep telling me) and then we were off to meet with some fellow Brain Injury survivors and caregivers.

I got to meet Craig, and his parents Pat and Jim. Sandra from the March of Dimes Acquired Brain Injury Service. Plus many more that I cannot remember. 

At the Science Centre

Me chatting with people

Everyone that came out

We also had an interview with the local paper, the Sudbury Star.

Then we scooted over to the GIANT NICKEL and did a little tourist thing there. 

As this is the last day with Mandy before she leaves on a bus tomorrow, I am spending time with her at Boston Pizza and this allows us to plug in our laptops and get my blog done for tonight.

I enjoyed my discussion today with all the people from the Brain Injury Association. Every group so far has expressed the exact same concerns: lack of awareness, lack of suitable care for the survivors, and a huge burden being put on the families. This has to change. 

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