Friday, November 4, 2011

A Run Through Golden

  • Weather: Low of -2c High of 3c (28.4F to 37.4F) Sunny 
  • Distance for today: 32.09 km (19.93 mi) 
  • Total Distance to Date: 6904.03 kl (4298.94 mi)
  • Song of the Day: Random Podcast and some CBC Radio

We were up early again today. Debbie from the East Kootney Brain Injury Association took us out for breakfast. After breakfast we were off to EZRock 106.3 Morning show.

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After the radio interview we were off to Nicholson Elementary. We had a fantastic time with the great kids. 

The kids had me in stitches with some of the questions. Just a fantastic school with great teachers and a great community. I was very moved by everything in Golden.

It was then time to get running. 

Back to Running. 

I am booking it!! 

Love this country. 
I have some fantastic people during this run. I have seen some incredible sites and have been very privileged to be a part of this event. Across my journey and in my years of dealing with all things brain injury. I have had the opportunity to meet some incredible people. One of those people that I am in awe off is Debbie. 

She is a such an advocate for brain injury. She is unstoppable in her crusade and put together the last two days for us. I want to personally not only extend my gratitude but my deepest respect for someone who works so hard and puts in so much time for this very important mission we are all on. 

It is people like Debbie that confirm my belief that we can make a difference. 

Thank you Debbie for all you do. 

Tomorrow we will be driving back to Calgary so I can do the coin toss at the 
Calgary Stampeders game. Then I am heading back to Golden to finish today's distance as I only ran 32km today. The weather has held up and I am looking forward to pushing out of the Rockies strong. 

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  1. Hello David, Looks like you had a exciting day!! Talking at a school (I am sure all those kids were quite inspired and will not forget your story)! talking on the radio (very cool) and the big run up and down the hills. You must be excited about the football game tomorrow!! That would be very cool and I will be watching for you. All the best to you!!! Sean Deleau