Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Mentally Exausting 40 km Run

A Mentally Exausting 40 km Run by temporallobe at Garmin Connect - Details

  • Weather: Low of -4c High of 1 c (24.8 F to 33.8 F) Dry and Chilly 
  • Distance for today: 40.38 km (25.09 mi) 
  • Total Distance to Date: 7560.2 kl (4705.35 mi)
  • Song of the Day: 

Today was a very intense day. The road was scary, icey, and limited visibility at time. Very tight corners.

Do a dangerous stretch we moved forward and missed a bit. I will go back and pick this up when the weather is better, or make it up by adding some distance at some point. I am adamant about running every km (mile) of Canada.

I have been dealing with allot of physical issues as of late but I keep thinking I am almost done.

Today was very hard emotionally and I just don't have anymore in me today. 

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  1. Keep on truck truck trucking along like you have been! People at home think you're insane and potentially certifiable so your message is being heard! You can do this BABOOT!