Friday, July 1, 2011

Wow!! What a Run

Wow what a run by temporallobe at Garmin Connect - Details

Happy Canada Day Montréal!
  • Today's weather: 22 c (69 f) Humidity was %67
  • Distance today: 41.57km (25.83 miles)
  • Distance to date:  2497.49km (1551.87 miles)
  • Song of the day (after entering Montréal City Centre): the sounds of Montréal
Ran 25km into the heart of Montréal today with beautiful blue skies filled with white fluffy clouds. The temperature was 22 degrees C. with a nice cooling breeze. With my new Saxx undies and some Vega Sports Drink in tow I was running up a storm with consistent speed and energy!

The tail-end of Repentigny, Québec was also very encouraging with a lot of honks, and a nice man yielding near us in his car to hand over a donation. Mandy had to hop out and watch the roads in bare feet to grab the much appreciated donation.

The roads heading into Montréal were not the best though. I prefer running on the road or shoulder over the sidewalk because the natural dips in the sidewalks are hard on my knees. However, the road closest to the curb for most of today was really cracked and there were many potholes and dips. This was really quite hard on my knees and ankles, and there were a few times where I lost my balance a bit. "No like!" as my niece Kya would say.

Soon enough we were in Montréal and making our first real turn of the day into the heart of their Chinatown no less! Although I was happy to see a Chinatown not bulldozed for a bridge / overpass (like in Québec), I was not excited for all the extra foot traffic coupled with the construction that was occurring down that street. A bit further down Boulevard Saint-Laurent there was a huge kerfuffle with 4 or 5 firetrucks. It was quite the stimulation overload! All three of us were saucer-eyed with all the people, lights, sounds and traffic.

(I will add some pic's tomorrow as we do not have Melissa's camera at the moment)

Then around Boulevard Saint-Laurent and Rue Fleury there was a nice group of men lunching in the sunshine that waved, clapped and actually cheered me on with hoots and hollers. It felt a little bit like I was racing in a marathon event. It was encouraging.

The constant start and stopping of city running does keep me from getting into my run groove a bit, but it also allows me to run the distances bit easier. Or so it felt that way. It got warmer and muggier as I got deeper into the day but there was not heat stroke or dizziness.

Melissa and Mandy have been fantastic. Making sure I am fed, save, and going in the right direction. It is very hard for me to remember even the simplest of tasks. How they can do so many demanding things at once with such ease and grace amazes me. Thank you both so much. I could not do this without you. 

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