Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Au Revoir Quebec. Hello Ontario

Au Revoir Quebec. Hello Ontario by temporallobe at Garmin Connect - Details

  • Today's weather: High of 31 © 87.8 (f) and Humidity about 50. Sunny and windy with a few clouds. It was hot.
  • Run distance today: 42.78 km (26.58 miles)
  • Total distance to date: 2621.79 km (1635.20 miles)
  • Song of the day: Audio Book "The Cellist of Sarajevo-Steven Galloway

Leaving Quebec was interesting. It was almost like changing countries. Quebec is a very beutifull and lovely place. The people were nice but it just didn’t feel like home.

Upon Getting over the bridge and into Ontario there was an almost instant change. Before I even got off the bridge we were pulled over by a local News Paper, The Regional, that wanted to talk to us. While in Quebec it was very hard to get any attention.

So I said "au revoir Quebec" upon seeing the sign's "Welcome to Ontario" It was like meeting up with a cousin you hadn't seen in a long time but always got along with.

We also got great response, pretty early in the day, from an Ontario Campgrounds Manager. They wanted to help us get campground sponsorship so we have a place to park at night.

Warm and dusty on the road today. I would probably be going faster today but there's a pretty strong wind going against me, but nothing compared to what it has been in the past. I think I'm acclimatizing a little to
the heat.

Although I have been to Ontario in the past it has always been resigned to just Toronto, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of Ontario from a more personal perspective. At the end of today I felt really good and I wanted to continue running but then I remembered I have to get up tomorrow and do this again. I've pushed myself a little two hard on good days a few times. This generally makes it harder to repeat my 42kl goal each day.

We have lot's of pictures however my computer is a bit of a power hog and in order to transfer my pictures from the Nikon I will drain the whole RV of Battery power. Looking forward to some full hook-ups for the RV so I can add the pics we take of this incredible country. 

I am also looking forward to some new shoes soon. The consistent long distances have taken there toll on my shoes. I think this is adding to my foot discomfort.

I was going to do a longer post and add some of the effects of my brain injury and how it effects me. However I have less than 10% percent battery left in my power sucking laptop. So I will add it tomorrow. If I remember

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