Monday, July 11, 2011

A run with no data!!

  • Weather today: 30-31 Celsius (86.00-87.8 Fahrenheit) Very Humid 80% at it’s highest
  • Today’s run distance: 30.00 km (18.64 miles)
  • Run distance to day: 2791.09 km (1734.29miles)
  • Song of the day: Listened to “A Time to Kill” by John Grisham’s audio book 

I forgot to bring my Garmin to our wifi spot in Starbucks, and to be honest I don't want to walk back to the RV and then back to upload it. I ran 30kl on a long, flat, hot, and humid part of Ontario. I will upload my Garmin data tomorrow for today's run.

I am feeling a little better today. Looks like the medication is starting to work, and I was able to get my distance up to 30kl today.

 It was hard going and my pace is off a bit. It was also very hot and humid today. I was running against a decent head wind. However the road I was running on is old and not the best maintained, but the pastors and farm, and equestrian training grounds are very nice to run by. 

As I was running a little off my pace and taking it a little easy I needed to make a pit stop along the way and the problem with running is sometimes there is nowhere to go. I needed to go. So we drove up a little bit into this little town called North Augusta and we found one open little restaurant called the Creekside Diner. This appears to be the local town restaurant and it was just what you would expect in a small town with local, mom-style cooking. After using the facilities we were off to the last place I stopped.

As I continued running we were coming into the area that the restaurant was and I felt like I needed to thank them. I was also hungry. Mandy and I had some great home town cooking. 

We continued on the run after the meal and were met a little later on by Melissa who had caught up to us with the RV. I had a quick interview on the phone with Chris Reynolds from the Toronto Sun and then I was finishing off the run for the day. 

I am still in a lot of discomfort; however, I am feeling physically and emotionally better. I am now going to finish off my green tea and head back to the RV to stretch and sleep.


  1. Cool! You sound better!

    David, I have tried repeatedly to sign up to get emails from your blog here. "FeedMyInbox" is saying they send an email to confirm my subscription but nothing comes. Maybe you could put a Feedburner subscribe widget on too? Feedburner is free.

    (I find the TBI Survivors Network too difficult to read since Craig changed the look. We are going to work to change the site back to something more readable when he gets back from camp.)

    Happy running!

    ~ Em

  2. I will see about adding FeedBurner...thank you for the heads up.

  3. Just realized that you are on blogger so I was able to subscribe via Google - but still - that subscribe link seems to be broken. So you may want to check on it.

  4. I have added FeedBurner - Blogger has made it a new option to automatically add in and thus it was a simple change. Thanks again for the heads up.