Friday, June 10, 2011

Run to Remember day declared in Fredericton

Run to Remember day declared in Fredericton by temporallobe at Garmin Connect - Details

Todays Temperature was 20 Celsius (68 Fahrenheit)
Todays run distance was 35.17 kl (21.85 miles)
Total run distance to date is 1907.41kl or (1185.206 miles)
Song of the day. Bright Lights Bigger City. Cee Lo Green

Today was a busy day.
After the first half of the run we drove back into Fredericton to meet the Mayor Brad Woodside and Councillor David Kelly at the Alexander Gibson Memorial School.(see the website for the pics) As great as it was to meet the Mayor and Councillor David Kelly. It was the kids who once again stole the show.

It was a really great school with such great teachers, Principal Hunter was fantastic.

I got to run in my Saxx Performance briefs to help with the chaffing issue that seems to come when you run as long as I have been. They were not only great they were freakin fantastic. I have four different pairs to try out and will update on the progress. However today was a no chaffing day. Hoorah!! 

The last bit of the run I booked it. With a shorter run day yesterday, the kids and the meeting with the city officials I needed to make up some time on the road. Tomorrow will be a shorter run day as well as I have some sports massage at 1:00pm. So we are getting up earlier and getting in as much distance as I can before that.

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