Thursday, June 9, 2011

Almost to Kingsclear

Almost to Kingsclear by temporallobe at Garmin Connect - Details

Todays Temperature was 26 Celsius (79 Fahrenheit)
Todays run distance was 27.47 kl (17.07 miles)
Total run distance to date is 1872.24kl or (1163.356 miles)

Today was just a harder run. The weather was cool and cloudy. I like this weather. It did get hot and muggy by about 1/2 way through the day. I seem to have the chaffing under control for the most part and I am much more consistent on my time and distances. The heat rash is still there and I still have some recidual discomfort with the hives. For the most part today was a pretty good run.

We did get the samples of the Saxx undies today. They look like they might make a difference in the chaffing area. I will update this later on.

We decided to drive to Honda as we did have a flat the other day and they informed us the tires need to be changed. We had an opportunity to get it done right then and there so Melissa is currently at Honda and I got a drive back to the RV.

The drive back was by an Ex RCMP officer and he was fantastic. We had a great talk about how it was the police, the fire department and ambulance that saved my life. That I would not be doing this run without them.

So I now sit in the RV looking at my Four samples of Saxx and uploading my run Data. I also did the dishes.......I don't like down time it seems to be. 


  1. By my math that's 26.3619874135417 kms / day!

    #Awesome #Awesome #Awesome

  2. That is fantastic #nerditup I was wondering if you counted the days off do to illness and injury? Just cuz ya know that raises the total average distance up a little bit. This makes me look better and in some way feel better. Then again I am a small and petty person!! Hah. Thanks for following.

  3. No, I did NOT count the days off due to illness or injury (yet, I'll look into it!).

    Looked at it another way - you're approx 1 marathon above (~25.7k) your target, which may not seem like a lot for someone doing one a day ... but most people train for a long, long time just to complete a single marathon!

    Keep it up!