Sunday, April 10, 2011

We have internet!!

I have been off the grid for a couple of day as we do not have internet in this part of Newfoundland. So I am connecting to the internet in a hotel. I forgot to bring my Garmin for my run data so I apologize for that.

I am still not up to my full marathon distance. This has been a little frustrating. Upon discussing this issue with the Run To Remember coordinator (Melissa) we thinks it's a couple of reasons. 1) the change in location and getting used to a new time zone. 2) for me it's the wind. I have trained for this back home in Vancouver. We get all sorts of weather in Vancouver. However I have never run in this cold, windy, and hilly of an area.

Yesterday and today were really good days. The weather was about 0 and for the most part the wind was behind me. Yesterday when running I was making really good time, however there some chaffing issues. So today I started off strong but was fighting the wind in the morning. Then after the first 2 hour run I started off and had the wind at my back. I was back to my training pace. It's really hard to run uphill with wind fighting you. It gives a whole new meaning to "wind at my back".

Tomorrow should be four hours of straight running. Then I get to talk to some kids at a school.

Still getting lot's of honks on the road and I was stopped by some parents so there child could donate some money. I have his picture and name but don't have it with me right now. I will update either later tonight or after tomorrow. I just wanted to connect and let the world now we are still running and I am still here.

The motor home has had some issues and because of the time of year there are no campgrounds open. We are currently staying in Wall Marts and running on batteries. It's also been really cold. So with the technical problems of the motor home, no hookups, and no cell phone or internet. It's been weird. However there are lot's of pics that I will upload when we are back on track.

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