Sunday, December 4, 2011

Running to Vancouver

Running to Vancouver by temporallobe at Garmin Connect - Details

  • Weather: Low of 1c High of 6c (33.8 F to 42.8 F) Cloudy
  • Distance for Today : 22.04 km 13.69 miles 
  • Total Distance to Date: 7771.17 kl (4836.46 mi)

Wow I ran over the bridge and ran past my home today. This area I know so well. I trained here for the Vancouver Triathlon, the Penticton Ironman and the Goofy Challenge (1/2 marathon followed by a full marathon) and of course my daily running getting me into gear for the Run To Remember. 

Pattullo Bridge

Coming down the bridge 

The CRV and New Westminster!! 

When I got the bottom of the bridge I was in my home town of New Westminster, B.C. 

 I have put in so many hours on this road. I know it like the I actually remember something. 

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Paying attention to the road. 

 I ran into Burnaby and I wanted to make a ceremoniall lap around my training track.  

Then I was back and running to Vancouver. Today was running through New Westminster, Burnaby, and to Burrard street. 

All organized now for a full marathon tomorrow. Only 4 day's left of running

We finished off at a Half Marathon because we don't leave for Victoria for a couple of day's. I was still feeling a little off after my tooth removal. I have been running with guaze shuffed in a big hole in my mouth where my tooth was. Changing it about every 20 minutes. 

Today was a day off. I got to go out for breakfast with my family (hi Junko and Sylvia) and clean my house! 

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  1. David, I just did a little cheer when I read your info about where you are at with your run. That would be a great feeling to run through your home town. That ceremonial lap must have been a great feeling and you must have had some different thoughts going through your head. In the days of running that track for training you would likely just have been coming from your home. This time you were coming from the other side of Canada!!! I wish you all the best with what is last of your run!! You will have accomplished something that will be useful information in many ways to many people in the world in the future!! I am quite excited for you and am damm proud to say that I ran with you!!! I am working on day 7 with no seizures and make running a part of my everyday life. Sean Deleau