Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First Run on Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island Run Through Nanaimo by temporallobe at Garmin Connect - Details

  • Weather: Low of 3c High of 5c (37.4 F to 41 F) Cloudy
  • Distance for Today : 12.63 km 7.85 miles 
  • Total Distance to Date: 7810.25 kl (4860.74mi)
  • Song of the Day: Song of the Day is changed to Word of the day. That word is "F*ck" it was very appropriate today. 
All I can say about today is wow. I mean "WOW"!! 

Talk about sensory overload. It all started with meeting the Mayor of Vancouver Gregor Robertson
Mayor Robertson, Magda and some guy 

The Mayor declared a Run To Remember day in Vancouver. 

The paper was very nice. 

We traded a Shirt for the Run To Remember Decloration. I totally got the best end of that deal. 
We had a couple of interviews to do. 

A good friend and someone to whom this run would not have taken place. Bill Vigars.
Thank you Bill. 

With the Meet and Great over we drove back to the Ferry Terminal where I finished off yesteday. 

This is Melissa's "don't take a picture of me" Face 

Once off the Ferry in Nanaimo I got in my running mode. 

Close to being done!! 
It was starting to get dark and it had been a long day. 

I plugged away 12 km and then back to the Best Western to crash. 

Tomorrow is going to be crazy busy, however I am so close to dunking my feet in the Pacific Ocean. 

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  1. David, Great work! 109km's is a long ways for just about anyone to run but for you it is nothing. I guess it may be a bit of a work-out with all the aches and pains your body must have from running across the country but It would take more than aches and pains to keep you from doing what you want to do "finish this run"!! I wish you all the best with what you have left to run.
    Sean(life's a gift so live it and love it)Deleau