Thursday, December 1, 2011

Running to the Puttullo Bridge

Running to the Puttullo Bridge by temporallobe at Garmin Connect - Details

  • Weather: Low of 0c High of 4c (32 F to 39.2 F) wet and getting warmer
  • Distance for Today : 35.00 km 21.74 miles (this is a rough guess)
  • Total Distance to Date: 7749.13 kl (4822.77 mi)
  • Song of the Day: CBC Radio and the Great Voice of Doug!! 

Today was a straight run day. I was running through some familar area. This is my training ground for my biking part of my Ironman training. 

On my way home 

Fellow traveler and wearing a Helmet!! 

Rare side shot of me. 

Hello Traffic

I love the Lower Mainland. 

Another Helmet!! 

In the distance is New Westminster. My home. 

Look at that face!! 

I am almost home.

So today I stopped at the Pattullo Bridge. That is just before my Neighborhood of New Westminster. 

Today was just a great day. I am so close to being finished. I am in an area I recognize. 

We were met by a very good friend and a huge contributor to the run today. So hello Bill and thanks for everything. 

Tomorrow is going to be a strange day of Mayors, Dentist's, Running, and a Party!! I still have a few days left of running but tomorrow will be limited on the run and heavy of events. 

8 Days and counting. 


  1. Hi David;

    You ARE almost home, aren't you?
    Yea you!!
    (A bit different from the East coast weather-wise, from the look of the pictures.)

    Your name came up on a conference call between a few of the BIANS Board members.
    Joe Lively says hi.

    All the best,
    Jane Warren

  2. Hello David,
    You are getting close!! You are gonna complete what you set out to do and after I ran with you and we talked for a while I knew that you would complete what you set out to accomplish "Run across Canada"!!! I think the very same thoughts when I see people riding bikes without a helmet and if they have a parent with them I will tell the parent how important it is to wear a helmet. I know for a fact that many people are listening to your story and see the importance of wearing a helmet and how important it is to protect our brains. You have become a true inspiration to many people. I have people asking me everyday "How is your friend David doing with his run"? I always respond "GREAT"!!!!!!!! Some people ask me why I am always running and I just tell them because I can and I love to!! I can't say that I ever felt depressed with what my head injury has put me through the last few years (surgeries,loads of testing and a change of life) If anything I am more positive about my life after all that was done to me and how much I have improved and after meeting you, a guy who had a worse head injury then me and watching you run across the country I don't think that I will ever say "I am not able to do this"!! Thank you David
    Sean Deleau
    ps. life is a gift so live,love and protect it!!(wear a helmet)

  3. Sean I just love getting your messages. You are totally inspiring man. Thanks so much for keeping on spreading the message. I am so close to being done. It's been a journey. I am so lucky to have met so many fantastic people. Also a few who really stood out like you. Thank you.


  4. Hi Janey,

    Yes the weather has changed. Instead of cold, windy, and snowy. It's just wet ;') The kind of weather I like. Very close to being in done. It helps me because I know where I am. One of the problems I had after my injury was my internal GPS is shot. So my sense of location is always off. However I trained for my marathons, and Ironman here I know these roads so well. They are firmly entrenched in my long term memory. Victoria will be a little different. However I can see the finish line!! Now I have to get a real job ;')