Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Heatherton to Antigonish

Heatherton to Antigonish by temporallobe at Garmin Connect - Details

So today's end was a challenge from the start. My feet felt heavy, I couldn't get into the groove. I have the Ricky Gervais podcast on my I phone and I started laughing really hard. Because I was a little off I was not paying attention to the road and wound up stepping funny on my ankle.

I ran for about another 10kl. I new I had hurt it but I also know, from previous experience with strains and sprains, that if I took off my shoe or stopped. It would swell. So I kept going until I got the point where I could finish todays run but I would not be running tomorrow. Or I can stop now and possible run tomorrow if I take care of it.

My great run organizer Melissa has some experience with extreme sports and picked me up some stuff to promote healing and get me up and running tomorrow.

So now I Ice, elevate and gently stretch my foot.


  1. That drive suck, I could only imagine how bad that would suck to run! Good Luck!

  2. You are so cheeky! I'm glad that Canada is winning too! I've won a few items during the Roll Up the Rim contest! :)
    Miss you being cheeky with me.