Friday, March 18, 2011

What to do when nothing works.

So as the start of the run is getting closer (less than two weeks) things are getting a little crazy. I some media stuff coming up, my training times are getting huge, yesterday was clinical massage, and we are planning for the flight. All this as well as the rest of life is still going on. i.e. cooking, cleaning, chores, etc.

So I was a little freaked out when my super computer started acting all funky. It was not booting anymore, and if it did start up I got this bizarre screen that looked like Jackson Pollock painting, or it would just make angry "beeps" at me. So it's now being shipped back to Origin Pc's where I got it.

I purchased the most expensive computer I had every bought to be able to handle the data from the run. I plan to video tape, photograph, Skype, and blog all my run data from my Garmin GPS Watch. I also need to be able to keep up to date with my schedule, meetings etc.

So I am a little freaked out not only because of the way I handle stress after my brain injury, but also because my electronics have become my prosthetic memory. In fact without my electronics I don't know what I am supposed to do, what I have done, where I am supposed to be, how to get there, what to do when I get there, and how to get back.

So this raised an interesting thought for me. How much of a role does technology play a role in Brain Injury?

Let me make a statement here. I am very lucky for a couple of reasons. The first reason I am very lucky is that I have been around computers for a very long time. My dad was always on the cutting edge of computers and we are going back to Commodore 64s and IBM 5150. Not to mention Atari's and Coleco Visions and Pong. The second reason was that I considered a "high functioning" disabled person. That means that I can actively participate in my own recovery, and life.

These two factors are very important for my particular abilities since my accident. As I do suffer from Short Term Memory Loss, I was able to really on my Long Term Memory to aid in my ability to recall attributes to apply to my short term memory deficits. I am also able to speak to my own behalf. So this has been very integral in my current achievements.

However it also makes me a slave to technology. You see much like someone who looses a leg, or arm and has an artificial limb. I have an artificial short term memory. When I don't have access to my memory, well continue the prosthetic limb analogy.

So this lead me to think what do others with Brain Injury rely on. How much do your prosthetics (of any kind) factor into your lives?

How does it feel when you don't have access to them?


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